I’m a writer, narrative designer
& script doctor

I write for screen, video games,theater, literature,Transmedia formats,Hybrid formats,

I tell stories.

My notebook under the arm, I walk through the rainy streets of Victorian England, the red Martian soil, and I dive into the abyss before boarding pirate ships.
All within the same day.


I write for screen, video games, theater, literature, virtual reality... An adept of hybrid formats, I also create interactive fictions, transmedia, or microfictions. I constantly seek for new fields to explore in the craft of telling stories.

World Building

My projects often take place in sci-fi, anticipation, historical, fantasy worlds. I grew up with Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde or Ray Bradbury, among many others. World building is a central part of my work.


Working with actors has always been a driving force and a pleasure for me. I have had the chance to direct stage, movie and voice actors, in both French and English.


My side activity as a reader and consultant for movies and video games allows me to move from one universe to another and to work with other creators. I also take it as a chance to improve my own writing skills.

Latest projects

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DevGamm Lisbon

Nov 2023
I will speak at DevGamm (Lisbon, Portugal) on November 16-17, about writing dialogues for video games, focusing on best practices to ensure quality from text to screen. Read more

Game Camp

June 2023
I will be a speaker at the Game Camp (Lille, France) on June 19-20. “Reconciling mechanics and narration to reinforce the gameplay experience”. Read more

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