I’m a writer, narrative designer
& script doctor

I write for screen, video games,theater, literature,Transmedia formats,Hybrid formats,

I tell stories.

My notebook under the arm, I walk through the rainy streets of Victorian England, the red Martian soil, and I dive into the abyss before boarding pirate ships.
All within the same day.


I write for screen, video games, theater, literature, virtual reality... An adept of hybrid formats, I also create interactive fictions, transmedia, or microfictions. I constantly seek for new fields to explore in the craft of telling stories.

World Building

My projects often take place in sci-fi, anticipation, historical, fantasy worlds. I grew up with Stephen King, J.R.R. Tolkien, Oscar Wilde or Ray Bradbury, among many others. World building is a central part of my work.


Working with actors has always been a driving force and a pleasure for me. I have had the chance to direct stage, movie and voice actors, in both French and English.


My side activity as a reader and consultant for movies and video games allows me to move from one universe to another and to work with other creators. I also take it as a chance to improve my own writing skills.

Latest projects

Latest news

Radio show

Feb 2021

On February 15, I’ll be on a radio show called Les Congrès de Futurologie to talk about the series Ovni(s). Read more (in French)

CNC development Fund

Dec 2020

Ego, the VR experience I’m currently working on with Alexandre Perez, received the CNC support fund. Read more

Think tank on video games

Feb 2021

I’ll be at the university of Amiens (France) on February 5th with researchers and professionals from the video game industry, for a public debate on video games and literature. Read more (French)


Nov 2020

Interview on video game writing, for the website “Les femmes de l’image”.  Read the interview (French)

Expert committee

Nov 2020

I joined the expert committee of the first video game fund in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (France). Learn More

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