Venice Biennale College Cinema VR

Jan 2022

For the second time, I’ll be a mentor as Story Developer for the College Cinema VR at the Venice Biennale, on the international selection. Read more

Interview on Narrative Design

Dec 2021

I answered some questions about narrative design from Ubisoft’s website Stories, along with others. Read the original article (French) or the English translation

Venice Biennale College Cinema VR

Oct 2021

I’m pleased to be a mentor as Story Developer for the College Cinema VR at the Venice Biennale. Read more

Annecy and NewImages selection

Apr 2021

VR project Ego co-written with Alexandre Perez is selected to the Annecy Festival MIFA and the XR Financing Market at NewImages Festival . Read more about the project

Project Tempest - Podcast

Mar 2021

I had a late night talk with New Zealander author Colin Rowsell. Listen to the episode (English)

Radio show

Feb 2021

On February 15, I’ll be on a radio show called Les Congrès de Futurologie to talk about the TV series Ovni(s). Read more (in French)

CNC development fund

Dec 2020

Ego, the VR experience I’m currently working on with Alexandre Perez, received the CNC support fund. Read more

Think tank on video games

Feb 2021

I’ll be at the university of Amiens (France) on February 5th with researchers and professionals from the video game industry, for a public debate on video games and literature. Read more (French)

Speech at E-artsup

Dec 2020

I gave a speech on the missions and skills of writers and narrative designers in the video game industry, to game design students at e-artsup. Watch the speech (French only)


Nov 2020

Interview on video game writing, for the website “Les femmes de l’image”.  Read the interview (French)


Nov 2020

I joined the expert committee of the first video game fund in Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (France). Read more (French)


Nov 2020

Working on a full workshop on scriptwriting and world building, given over several months at the “Aquarium Ciné-Café”. Read more (French)


Oct 2020

I joined the expert committee as an alternate member for the video game fund at Pictanovo (Hauts de France). Read more (French)


Sept 2020

The design fiction exhibition Autonomie(s) is starting at Lille. I worked on the writing and direction of three false interviews. Read more (French)


Sept 2020

Mentor for the Storygraphes creation residency (interactive narrations). Read more (French)


July 2020

My short story Sous le lac (Under the lake) is published in a collection of short stories by the French magazine Quinzaines.


June 2020

Interview focused on “innovation” for the website 10ruption. Read the interview (French only)

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