Short movie - 2015

Masque (Mask) is a screenplay adapted from the French short story La Vénus D’Ille (The Venus of Ille) by Prosper Mérimée. It won the award for best adapted screenplay at the Montélimar Film Festival and was finalist for best screenplay at the European Film Festival (France).

A small town in France, 1835.
Raphaël works as a mortuary mask sculptor. Even if he used to have larger ambitions, these are damaged by time, alcohol, drugs.
One night, he’s called to the Peyrehorade’s manor: young Rose broke her neck a few days before her wedding. The dead woman’s father has a curious request: Raphaël should sculpt a special mask so that no one would ever see the young girl’s real face.
When Raphael shows up at Rose’s bedside, he finds no signs of the accident. The girl is exceptionally beautiful, but even in death, she seems cruel.
From this moment, the sculptor develops a fascination for Rose, and particularly for the mask he made from her face…




  • Best screenplay adaptation at the Montélimar Film Festival (France)
  • Selected at the European Film Festival in Lille (France)