Adventure video game (AAA)

I’ve worked at Ubisoft on Beyond Good & Evil 2 for one year, with a team of +250 people. For both the IP team and the game team, I created characters, wrote in-game dialogs and worked on the world building. I also built new tools to maintain consistency and communicate about the world internally. For example, I created the Story Shots: each morning, everyone working on the project would receive a short story happening in System 3, the world of Beyond Good & Evil 2. It became an efficient way to communicate the world pillars to the team. These Story Shots were even edited afterwards and a book is available for internal use.

I also started designing transmedia tools with the IP team, to help gather information on characters and locations for each medium.

My missions were varied and my professional background in the cinema industry was useful ; for example, I eventually managed the cast of English actors with dialogues I had written, along with Side Studio. I was present for the cast process and recording session, to give guidelines to the actors under the great supervision of Mark Healy.

I wrote exclusively in English.

Olivier Blin, World Content Director, Narrative Director, Ubisoft:

“Sarah is a very valuable and reliable writer. I had the pleasure of working with her for a year as Narrative Director on Beyond Good & Evil. She is wonderful to work with and has solid expertise in both world building and narrative design. She is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical and very creative. Always capable of adapting to new working environments.”




  • Characters creation
  • Scriptwriting
  • Dialogues writing
  • Bible writing
  • World building

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